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Because Manitoba workplaces need a skilled workforce that's efficient, effective and adaptable, while Manitoba workers need the Essential Skills required to perform successfully at work.

Please go to www.esforworkplace.com for more information on our Certificate Programs. 


Case Studies

Examples from our files show the strong benefits of Essential Skills upgrading.

A training need can present itself at any time

Training is – or should be - an ongoing process to ensure everyone can meet changing job and task needs.

Resistance to Change... or an Essential Skills Need?

Absenteeism, grievances, workplace friction: are these symptoms of an Essential Skills issue?

Essential Skills training is key to productivity improvements

Changes to work processes to increase productivity are only possible with adequate levels of Essential Skills.

Essential Skills News

All the Essential Skills news in Manitoba that's fit to post.

WEM training partner Canada Goose announces expansion

WEM offers hearty congratulations to training partner Canada Goose as the cold-weather clothing manufacturer announces a 50,000 square foot plant expansion and the addition of more than 300 new workers in the coming year. 

Herman Hansen wins award for skills development at Boeing

Herman Hansen - a member of WEM's Steering Committee - has been awarded the 2015 Dr. Alan Middleton Workplace Literacy and Learning Award for his role in establishing Essential Skills-infused courses that support and strengthen workers' ability to succeed at Boeing Canada.$0

Happy Essential Skills Day 2015!

Today is Essential Skills Day in Manitoba and across Canada, a time when everyone is invited to acknowledge and celebrate all of the many incredible skills you all have.

Learning on Demand

Increasingly, people expect to be able to learn on their own terms: anytime, anywhere, in a way that meets their needs. Workplace Education Manitoba is proud to launch the internet-based ES: Learning On Demand. It’s just one more way to deliver Essential Skills learning support.

  1. (video and workbook series) Numeracy – The Basics
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