The original literacy skills - the three R's (reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic) - allow an individual to survive. These are still largely considered to be the minimum skills required for individuals to secure employment that provides food, shelter and the basic necessities.

However, for the workforce of today and tomorrow, more skills are required on top of those original three. So, while proficiency in prose literacy (the reading part of the 3 Rs) learned in school is a highly desirable skill for becoming an educated, informed individual, having that skill does not necessarily mean that the person can read and understand a blueprint, data sheet or technical instruction manual at work. It takes more to be successful in the workplace and in society overall.

But what more? What are the essential workplace skills needed, i.e. the skills important regardless of the type or size of your organization, the position you hold there, or even how long you have worked for the organization?

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