Digital Technology

Digital Technology is the ability to use information and communication technology. We use this skill when we use a smartphone, operate cash registers, use word processing software, send emails and create and modify spreadsheets.

How we use this skill

  • operation of cash registers
  • using word processing software
  • sending e-mails
  • using a smartphone
  • creating and modifying spreadsheets

The right type of training is crucial to success

A large Manitoba company wanted to improve the efficiency of their information management system to reduce costs. The company decided to computerize processes and create electronic versions of documents such as drawings as well as equipment and specification manuals.

Three years later an internal review questioned staff’s ability to effectively store, retrieve and use information electronically. Even though employees had access to in-house training sessions, progress was slow. A number of employees at all levels were still using and circulating hard copy documents, while only a handful of people were accessing materials electronically.

When Workplace Education Manitoba was contacted, their Essential Skills assessment soon determined that that many of the employees did not have the baseline computer skills required to be able to absorb the new training procedures and software. A custom training curriculum designed specifically to meet the company’s needs was developed and the company was quickly able to reach its goal.

Skill 7: Thinking
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