Happy Essential Skills Day 2015!

Today is Essential Skills Day in Manitoba and across Canada, a time when everyone is invited to acknowledge and celebrate all of the many incredible skills you all have. So many of us are busy running at top speed in our everyday lives, focusing on our work deficits and our work gaps and fixating on our what-we-need-to-do-to-get-ahead-at-our-workplace thoughts. Why not use this day to - just for a moment - stop and reflect on a few of your successes. Think about a time or two when you felt a tingle of pride at what you'd accomplished. And let yourself remember that among all the things that helped lead to those successful moments were the many skills that you've worked so hard to acquire. Then give yourself an approving smile, a pat on the back, and slice yourself a big celebratory piece of Essential Skills cake. You've earned it!
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