Reading Text is the ability to read and understand written information in many different types of workplace documents, e.g., work instructions, emails and memos, health & safety manuals & policies & reports. We use this skill to scan for information, skim for overall meaning, evaluate what we read and integrate information from multiple sources.

How we use this skill

  • scanning for information
  • skimming for overall meaning
  • critiquing or evaluating what’s read
  • integrating information from multiple sources

Resistance to change or an Essential Skills need?

Despite a 25-year positive employment record at a medium-sized company, Bevhad become increasingly uncooperative with the assignment of new tasks. Absenteeism became an issue and she started filing a large number of grievances.

A union representative determined that Bev’s problem was likely literacy related. Based on a skills assessment, a training program was put in place and within three months Bev’s improved skill level and resulting change in attitude allowed her to be a capable part of the new work process and routine.

Skill 2: Document Use
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