The Workplace Education Manitoba Advantage:


  • Has worked with hundreds of clients throughout Manitoba since 1991. More..
  • Has a practice model that has been adopted by other provinces (e.g. Alberta, Nova Scotia, PEI) in forming their provincial models.
  • Has extensive experience working with a wide variety of industries including agriculture, aerospace, mining, garment, manufacturing, construction, retail, transportation, health care as well as parks and recreation.
  • Has a proven track record of success. An independent 2006 WEM Case Study looking at 15 years of WEM-sponsored training found that outcomes included:

    • increased credentials
    • increased leadership responsibilities in the workplace (and community)
    • greater confidence
    • greater motivation to seek further education/training
    • increased culture of workplace literacy and Essential Skills in Manitoba, and an accompanying joint labour-management process and principles for implementing initiatives.

  • Has extensive expertise in working with urban and rural workplaces.
  • Offers a full range of workplace Essential Skills services and support materials - from needs assessment and curriculum/resource development to training and follow-up evaluation.

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